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Old 13th July 2014, 11:24 AM   #46
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Originally Posted by Glinda.Good View Post
I do wish you luck, but I am sincerely concerned about your suitability to care for aged people. I took care of my mom at home at the end of her life. I know what it entails.

I also hired people to help me. You would not have made it a day. I'm not saying that to be mean, it's just the truth.

If you have a huge emotional reaction to a difficult toddler, I can only imagine how you'll deal with a grown up that may act that way.
I hate toddlers.

You have absolutely no idea how I would or wouldn't be able to tolerate other members of the community.

You don't know me at all. Plenty of audits hate toddlers but are very tolerant of others.

My dad works in aged care. I know exactly what it entails.

I only dislike toddlers. Not other community members.
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Old 13th July 2014, 12:04 PM   #47
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Originally Posted by Leigh 87 View Post
I hate toddlers.

You have absolutely no idea how I would or wouldn't be able to tolerate other members of the community.

You don't know me at all. Plenty of audits hate toddlers but are very tolerant of others.

Leigh, I don't have to know you. As I said, I hired people to help me. I did not know them either. I would not have hired you if I knew your history with caring for kids, and if I did not know and I ended up hiring you, I would see within one day that you were ill suited.

An angry incontinent rude noncompliant old demented person has nothing on your "awful stupid brat," I assure you. And a lot of the elderly who need care are ill disposed to the care people from the start - they are not happy about their loss of self reliance. They can be extremely rude and insulting.

Care giving entails caring. The person's needs are at the fore. The caregivers emotional reactions to the person have ZERO place in the equation.

If a care giver has a difficult client, whether they are a toddler or an aged person, their position is to figure out how to help that person, and to do so with maturity and compassion.

Reacting emotionally is not going to work.

Sure, someone may prefer to work with elders and not want to work with kids, but a person who "HATES" any segment of the population who cannot care for themselves and who need assistance is completely out of place in that field.

I'm sure you will not agree, but it's the truth. Why does it matter? Because it would behoove you to settle down, pursue your degree, finish it, and learn what you would be good at. Where you would be contributing in a valuable way to society while at the same time fulfilling yourself.

You don't need any more wild goose chasing rabbit hole dead ends. Truth.

I am not going to say anything more about this, but I hope you will actually consider what I have said rather than just starting to fight about it.

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Old 13th July 2014, 1:30 PM   #48
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Leigh, the $300 to join job is a good example of MLM. Any job that requires up front investment isn't worth it. These commission only jobs don't guarantee steady pay and aren't worth it unless you already have a regular salary. I'm glad you're in the position to be more choosy about your work. I didn't have any financial support all through college and worked all kinds of odd jobs to pay bills until finding a more "professional" job.
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Old 13th July 2014, 4:22 PM   #49
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You are missing the point.

I hate toddlers.. they are ONE subset of the community I hate.

I am an extremely compassionate person. Who happens to hate toddlers. They are awful and it doesn't mean not compassionate in general.

I worked with disabled adults when I was a child.. My parents got me to as they had a friend with a.severely disabled daughter. Let me tell you I know very well that there are people who will be very difficult.

Luckily, I know first hand from my dad that not all aged care clients are demented and throwing tantrums every day.

You clearly don't have a grasp on basic psych 101. I have done a few classes on it personally, and deep compassion has no bearing on whether or not you hate a certain group of people..

Many very compassionate people also cannot stand bad toddlers. They just hate being in the presence of bratty, annoying toddlers.

Quiet frankly, I am nicer, more generous and more.compassionate than most people. It is not my fault if you don't believe that.

Plus a fare fair few folks who know me BETTER than a stranger on the internet, all believe I am.the type of compassionate person needeed to deal with older clientele.

The health field is the only profession besides aged care that will yield a job.. And I don't want to spend two years re learning how to do math that us needed for nursing or health science ( I am good at chemistry though)

Aged care is the only way I will get a professional job anytime soon.

I am 100% sure I can do it well. You can do anything you put your mind to. I refuse to be my age without a professional a second longer. My bachelors will take too long so....gotta do a diploma now in conjunction.

People who know me comment that I am the most kind and compassionate person they know..

I think you are quiet silly. You do realise that people who care so greatly about the homeless as are generally very compassionate? It is called caring for other people. Which doesn't mean you enjoy.Toddlers.
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Old 13th July 2014, 4:30 PM   #50
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Every single person I meet including every single man I have ever dated have all said: Leigh 87, you are the most kind and compassionate person I know. Because you know, my area of passion is taking about how economics and.various government initiatives could help the homeless and low income and disadvantaged without making too big of a dent in the economy.

I think it's fitting that a kind person like myself who cares so much about other humans, would be well suited to taking care of people I like; I've always liked spending time with the older population.

If you don't believe all my friends and family who all remark that I am staggeringly kind generous and compassionate, then please take your opinion elswhere as it is not needed friends, family and myself know better than strangers me level of basic human kindness and compassion.
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Old 13th July 2014, 10:06 PM   #51
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You give me whiplash.

I think it's great that you are focusing on your studies. That's a good thing. Although, I guess you are now changing your focus. So no more youth diploma? Frankly, you aren't too old to do whatever you want to do. I got my advanced degree and completely changed careers when I was your age. You should study what you want to study. I fear that you are not going to be pleased with a low paying job, no matter how altruistic you believe you are. Are you sure about this path? Can you do some free volunteer work at an assisted living home to make sure this is what you want?

Since you aren't starting school until September, and you aren't starting the volunteer thing until the end of August, I don't really see the harm in trying to work for the next six weeks. Did none of the opportunities you mentioned above pan out? Can you work in your parents' store?
In the end one loves one's desire and not what is desired. -- Nietzsche
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Old 13th July 2014, 11:32 PM   #52
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I have the marks to get into law, Occupational therapy, anything I want besides medicine. Plus I know I am not into engineering or business.

I desperately want to talk to a professional career counsellor.

I did so well in school and I want to pursue a degree that perhaps is a little hard, but that is in a burgeoning industry that is the most likely to make me employable.

Occupational therapy or nursing are degrees I can handle with my academic aptitude however, I would need to skip the math related courses for a year while I got math tutoring twice a week for one hour each time. I have the money for tutoring........

Online it says that the most likely degrees in Australia to secure a job in the years to come, are; HEALTH degrees, tech head degrees, accounting, MATHAMETICS TEACHING (other teaching fields like primary school are SO HARD to get jobs though).

HEALTH degrees are the ones I can do, I am passionate about and will most likely land me a professional career job.

I need to get to my local Uni and talk to a counsellor ASAP.

I want to do the aged care thing so I can simply work in a professional job WHILE I study, as I DO NOT want to wait two or three more years for a bachelors degree BEFORE finally becoming a professional.

The aged care diploma is at your own pace online. It is one of the top growing job markets predicted for years to come. It is a professional career I know 100% I can do. And it wont take as long as a degree.

I got high distinctions in chemistry and life sciences in high school...It is math that I have not done in over 15 years.

I prefer more science, chemistry and biology related degrees to pure essay writing honestly, I like a mixture of science that is not TOO rocket science like, combined with essays BUT not a degree that is 100% essay writing such as community development...........

I thrive most on a part science part essay driven degree... such as nursing. OR health sciences.

The math involved is not calculus level math, it is the most basic University level math for nursing; nursing involves more science based subjects.

I have a lot of thinking to do.

You only get one life.

I did well at school and think I have what it takes to become a professional in a field I enjoy and will not pay such a low wage........

The only SECURE thing right now is the aged care; it is fast, the number one growing industry in Australia in terms of job availability, and it is a legit professional job opposed trying to get hospitality based work.

So I can fulfil my dream of becoming a professional whilst I .... do a degree that is likely to land a job, and is a stable income job.

I have a lot to think about.
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Old 13th July 2014, 11:44 PM   #53
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Please tell me it is not too late to pursue a legitimate career.

Community development was a short and easy degree.

I got 93% in my college entrance score, should I not let my hard work go to waste?

Even if at my age I need math tutoring, since health related degrees are one of the top growing industries in Australia, is it TOO LATE at my age to go after a professional career of my dreams?

Community development would yield a low paying job UNLESS I went on to do a masters in something, like HR. Then I could get into management.

Should I stick the community development degree out and then simply do a masters?

community development is a worthless degree UNLESS you do a masters and UNLESS you have some sort of diploma in conjunction to the degree.

I am so confused and want to go after the degree that is the MOST promising in terms of job prospects, and I have the intellect to complete.

I think I need to talk to a professional. Calling the Uni now.

I would not do an online degree, I would do it face to face if I choose to pursue a degree in the health fields........

It is a dream of mine to .. do a degree of my dreams, but I just assumed I was too old...

I couldn't tell my parents they think I only have two years left LOL. They want me to just FINISH a degree. They don't care which one.

The best thing I could do is talk to a professional at this stage. I really don't want my good entrance grades to go to waste, when these marks could really get me into a more promising career OPOSED to community development......
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Old 13th July 2014, 11:48 PM   #54
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I have just booked myself into therapy for once a month; ongoing, long term.

I feel like more guidance during this time is needed, more than friends and myself can do at this stage.

I am definitely doing a diploma at your own pace style, along with the best degree that will most likely gain me employment.

I need to do the best degree possible at this stage in life not just he easiest one because my parents think it is best for me.

I could really use some encouragement here..... I just want to do the best I can based on my intellectual ability.
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Old 14th July 2014, 12:10 AM   #55
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Originally Posted by Leigh 87 View Post

SO PLEASE, no more " well you just quit jobs" crap. I quit because I have dignity and wont work for slave labour wages, and I believe I am worth a basic, minimum wage job.

I never made any comments on your live in thread Leigh I did how ever read it and I never understood why you chose to take a job that was suposidley so horrid when you knew exactly what the terms were before hand.

To me if your going to be a full time student maybe its best to focus on that? I think I saw you have a place to live in your parents flat? so perhaps being so lucky in that respect you might want to take the time to really get into your school work..
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Old 14th July 2014, 3:29 AM   #56
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Originally Posted by Leigh 87 View Post
I could really use some encouragement here..... I just want to do the best I can based on my intellectual ability.
Leigh, the honest truth, why do you care so much what is being said on here? It's hard for people to encourage you here because you are so just, everywhere. It's like you have multiple personalities that are struggling with one another, while at the same time your train of thinking and logic seems to just spin around so out there, it is impossible to follow.

Glinda's post has a lot of weight and you should really re-read it and not take it as a personal attack. She has actual work in experience in this type of field, that is worth so much more than something you learned in class. Going to college doesn't make you any kind of expert in a field, it just gets your foot in the door. I think the therapy may do you some good, because right now your mind just seems to be racing.
Sometimes science is more art than science. A lot of people don't get that.
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Old 14th July 2014, 4:06 AM   #57
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Hi Leigh,

I am following your threads and have added my Aussie dollars worth when i thought i could. I think it is time to concentrate on one thing now. Education education education as the good Mr Blair once said. I think you should switch to a more humanities based degree? Care work is not something i could ever do and saw at first hand how this profession looked after my dad while he was busy dying. (They were incredible), they had 8 to 10 people to care for each day. 15 plus hour days at least. They were also emotionally conected to their patients, not brusque and efficent but had the `human touch. Near the end Dad was so sick of the family he looked forwrd to them coming! Think what i am saying is this kind of work is vocational. You have to love it to do it.

With a humanities based program you could branch out into more different fields. You have a very active and racing mind, could be more suited? Just a thought.

Do you really need to work if your parents can support you through study? I had a series of interesting and dodgy part time jobs to keep me in ciggies and other such substances when i was at university. My parents had no money to keep me in trainers and expensive but important t shirts. If they were in the position to do so, they would have done at the drop of 20 malboro lights!

Would it not be better to have a full time focus on study instead of breaking your back with a series of irritating jobs? I think you will be heading in the right direction if you can do `just one thing`.

You are not too old to get a career but just slow down a bit. I have seen very good advice here from other posters. There are no attacks and the fact that they are still here posting means they want to to succeed.

Keep going.
You don't like me, but you love me
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Old 14th July 2014, 6:12 AM   #58
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Hopefully therapy will give you some clarity.

Things can change rather quickly and I am not too sure on the focus on being a "professional". If you are good at maths and science then taking a bridging course should bring you up to speed pretty quickly. If you did well in these subjects in school there isn't any reason why you wouldn't do well at uni. Not a huge amount has changed.

Personally I think you should always study what interest you rather than being driven but the current job market as it can change very quickly.

Aged care is an expanding industry - but mostly at the coal face rather than in the "professional" level roles.

My background is health - I have an applied science degree, worked clinically then went into research. I am now a consultant in the private sector. I have had so many different roles, all loosely linked to health and social services and each has taught me something new.

There are benefits to being flexible and keeping and open mind. Your ideal job my yet to be invented. I really disliked my graduate area, there were parts of it that were not suited to my personality but it didn't become apparent until I was on clinical practice.

So consider that it is that you don't like about working with toddlers (their unpredictability, unable to communicate, inflexibility, whatever it was that rubbed you the wrong way) and write that down.

Those things you identify are what you need to avoid in a job - not necessarily toddlers.
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Old 14th July 2014, 8:11 AM   #59
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I think it is bonkers to assume that hating toddlers means I am not compassionate or patient towards older Australians.
It is utterly ridiculous to assume things about me simply because I hated a toddler and his family for being tight asses and paying me less than half the Aussie minimum wage. People like that are disgusting. Those are MY values. They don't have to be yours, you can think people are totally normal and nice when they are the types of people who pay people within their own country less than half of what they legally should be getting. And no, even under the table it is still less than half what those who get minimum wage full time get WITH declaring tax. More than one agency has demanded I report her actually. They were also disgusted.

At a young age I had to care for a girl with severe cb, and I mean SEVERE. I saw what her mother went through as she couldn't afford a carer. I know the things I will have to deal with older Australians. I talked to many aged care practitioners and not ONE of them agreed that older people throw the same tantrums as toddlers. I hate toddlers in general, not just when they throw tantrums!

I very much like older Australians where as I dislike toddlers even when they don't throw tantrums. I just plain don't like toddlers. Where as I like older people and don't care even if they throw massive tantrums.

I have found in life that the groups of people I hate I cannot tolerate anything about; greedy people, people who are not kind or generous for instance. On the other hand, people I appreciate I can tolerate a LOT more from, I have tolerated bitch tantrums from women I like because I like them overall, even when they are totally unreasonable.

People are stupidly mistaking my dislike of toddlers, ALL toddlers, in general to mean that I am intolerant of MANY people of all ages which is not the case, and I am in fact very patient with others...

Plenty of carers I know of personally hate kids and toddlers. When people said my hatred of stupid toddlers was indicative of the level of compassion and tolerance I have towards OTHER subsets of Australians, all the carers I told this to laughed and thought it was absurd; two carers agreed that they cannot stand toddlers, hated kids, and yet would go above and BEYOND to help their disabled and older clients..............
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Old 14th July 2014, 8:18 AM   #60
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Anyways, I think it is fitting that people who actually KNOW me in real life, all think I should do an aged care diploma this year.

In regards to my degree, which I have done one year of all up so far instead of online study, I have decided to go back to the University of ________ and study full time.

I have missed out on second semester offers for this year for my local University so have two choices; do online studies this September, with online universities, or wait until next year, do a diploma this year and focus on volunteer work, and then next year start semester one.

The plus side of this plan is: I can get he diploma out of the way and have more options once I start college next year.

We all know that certain things make your degree go further; things like volunteer work which I start on the 27th of Aug, having additional qualifications related to your field, and having worked during your degree, even part time.

I feel scared in thinking that just doing a bachelors degree will help me in life. Obviously it is nowhere near enough, just as important as the degree is how hard you work to get experience before you graduate.
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