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    Discussions surrounding health and well-being, crisis response, societal impact, and other aspects of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic.

    Exploring inequities and injustices in the balances of societal power and privilege: Educated and informed discussions on the many complexities that impact how we treat ourselves and others. Actively listen, engage to learn, and empathetically respond.

  2. Platonic

  3. Familial


    • 53.1k posts

    Parents too demanding? Sibling driving you mad? Tell us!


    • 40.3k posts

    Discuss tips, concerns, and all the mayhem involved in raising kids.

  4. Transitioning

    In Search Of...

    • 163k posts

    Considering starting to date someone new? Having trouble forming friendships, find companions, lovers, or associates? Is someone pursuing an unwelcome relationship with you? Talk about your experiences here.

    Progressing into "Friends with benefits" and beyond: When platonic relationships become more intimate.

    Getting Married

    • 41.4k posts

    Cold feet to pre-marital stressors—the place to discuss all the issues that come with saying "I do."

  5. Romantic


    • 2m posts

    Dating, courting, or going steady? Things not working out the way you had hoped? Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on!


    Coping with geographical distance can make or break a LDR. Share your experiences and questions here.

    Debunking the old-ball-and-chain stereotype one couple at a time.


    The other side of the story: Support and discussion for those who find themselves involved with a committed partner.

  6. Breaking Up, Reconciliation & Coping

    It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

    Considering ending your marriage? Going through a divorce? Let us know!

    Second Chances

    • 169.5k posts

    Called it off but doubting the decision now? Someone wants you back? Let us know about it!


    • 323.6k posts

    Learning to deal with one's emotions and loss.

  7. Mind, Body & Soul

    Start off with a great foundation! The place to ponder the journey towards improving yourself!

    Staying fit and physically healthy is essential! Remember, we aren't subsitutes for your physician! As always, talk to your doctor before following any suggestions or advice!

    This three-letter word isn't taboo here! Ask questions and give answers! (Registration Required)



    Discussions pertaining to gender roles, sexual identity formation and development: Men vs. women, et al. (Registration Required)


    Contemplate your place and purpose in the universe.

    Recognizing, conquering, and coping with addictions, substance abuse & dependence.


    • 23.8k posts

    Support for and discussion of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse.

  8. General

    Everything else under the sun. Not sure where to post? This is the place!


    The place to post any questions or comments you may have regarding LoveShack.org or the LoveShack.org Community Forums. Please Contact Us privately with any inquiries related to your personal account.


    • 32.7k posts

    A collection of the original messages posted on LoveShack.org's LoveTalk Forum from 1997-2001.

  9. Off-Topic

    The Water Cooler

    • 489.4k posts

    Your central location for community chatter.



    Politics, the art of the possible. Discussions involving local, national, and international governmental political affairs, issues, wars, elections, etc.

    Current Events

    • 101.1k posts

    News-worthy discussions on events and their impact.


    Something you just need to gripe about and get off your chest? This is the place to let it all come out.

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