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Opportunities that have arisen in ONE DAY'S worth of job searching. Impressed.

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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This thread is no longer about the original topic.

I originally wrote about the crappy jobs I went for and all the bites I got.

I will put this thread to a close now and I will open another thread next year once I start the degree of my choosing, likely biomedical as it is actually employable in AUS albeit you still need a masters to earn decent money. A masters is only 1 or 2 years tops in Aus though.

I am confident I will pick biomedical as I have done biomedical subjects before and loved them. I also excelled at them. I am sure I will face many nasty surprises but I KNOW it is within a sphere of subjects I ENJOY and am passionate about, however "hard" I am sure it will get. I am sure I will cry and pull my hair out. I wouldn't be achieving anything worthwhile career wise if I find it easy.

From what I have read and what will likely be confirmed by career guide on Monday, there is a high rate of new biomedical grads getting work, getting salaries enough to live on and not having to get a masters in order to earn a decent enough lifestyle.

So without needing a masters, and doing the subjects I am genuinely the most interested in academically, it sounds like most students get jobs fairly fast and it also seems like it is a growing industry; when there is ill health, disease and aging people, not to mention obesity and humans penchant for being unhealthy; there will be a need for health science related degrees....

The broad range of masters also sound amazing, this degree seems to be one that not only gets most of the new grads jobs without a masters, but it is lends itself to a whole range of masters that offer quiet good career prospects.

For those who want to work hard in this biomedical degree there seems to be fantastic and well paid career paths albeit not immediately upon getting a masters and not without hard work in your job and some true talent.

I will report back next year or in the future.

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