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I've got no willpower



Well, the deletion only lasted 24 hrs. I really have no willpower. In fact, John and I actually talked yesterday for an hour and a half. It was nice. Of course it was. :rolleyes:


I am starting to think of him more of a friend. And he is starting to move on. He's got a date with someone Friday night. They've known each other just a couple months less than we've known each other. She knows about me. She knew before they decided to go on a date. It wasn't like he asked her out and then told her about me. I am a bit jealous, but it helps with the guilt that I hurt him, so overall it's worth it.


Our phone call was over the internet, and he had video. Actually that was the point because he hadn't shaved and I wanted to see what he looked like with facial hair. He is scrumptious.


Hubby is still being sweet. Now that I'm on the anti-depressants he seems to be happier. Obviously because I'm not as depressed, but I think he has something else to blame my lack of interest in sex on. And he isn't as worried about me. He never took the threat of losing me seriously which I guess pissed me off a bit or I could think of it as the fact that he knows me too well.


I will complain about one thing though. We got invited to two parties this weekend. Hubby doesn't want to go to either of them because of the playoffs. One of them the hosts and the majority of guests are Europeans that don't care about the NFL at all. And it's a birthday party. I lied and told them Hubby has to work. What is it with American men and the NFL? Sigh. I probably won't go to the other because I will only know one other person and I don't want to go by myself. That's all for today. I wonder why people don't take advantage of the journals...oh well.


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