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Why Does She Act Like This?

Friends and Lovers Progressing into "Friends with benefits" and beyond: When platonic relationships become more intimate.

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Old 1st March 2018, 7:59 PM   #151
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Yeah I know. It's just things are just really strange. Monday she texted me asking If I would like to have lunch with her and I told her that I was going to go in on my day off. I have history of blowing her off and flaking so she actually showed up to work, probably to verify that I was actually there.

The type of work we do kind of permits her to be there on her day off but at the same time she clearly sought me out when she showed up.

She also randomly texted me on Tuesday asking if I just turned onto a certain street. I drive a heavily modified vehicle. Literally none in the area that look like mine. So its not like she could have mistaken me for someone else.
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Old 1st March 2018, 8:33 PM   #152
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Well, now she does sound a little creepy, but probably only because you're driving her nuts and not being straight with her. I still can't judge what she's up to, but for sure she's after you for one reason or another.
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Old 1st March 2018, 9:50 PM   #153
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Probably. I feel like I have been straight with her. I told her that I just want to be friends and that I view her as a little sister. She keeps trying to get me though. Most girls give up and move on but not her. I had a guy at work tell me that he is amazed that she is paying for me all the time and I'm not even having sex with her.

I was telling a coworker the other (everybody at work knows about us) day that because she's a young attractive girl and I'm a guy. I'm going to respond the way I do to her flirting because I'm a guy and my hormones are raging. I have a ton of self control and can walk away but lets be real for a second. If a girl is hot and she's flirting with you, touching you, buying you things, sending you sweet thoughtful texts, writing you letters, you are going to start to look at her a certain way.

She does have a history of leading guys on. That's a fact. At the same time there is absolutely NO comparison the amount of investment she has with me compared to the other guys. Is that because I've been difficult with her and haven't bought into her games? Possibly. Theres one kid right now that is obsessed with her meanwhile I sit back and act all unimpressed. But at the same time I have a hell of a lot more to offer than the other guys. Still not sure though.
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Old 12th March 2018, 9:12 AM   #154
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We have this new girl at work that she has been working with and apparently she was complain to her last week that we hang out all the time and nothing ever happens.

She knows that I'm heavily involved with church and in general just very conservative so within the last month she has started to attend church. It is actually the church that I attend as well but actually denied going there months ago because I didn't want there to follow me there. I think she knows I attend there though. She sends me snaps and pictures of her there. The church is rather big and I work on staff down there so I'm sort of behind the scenes so I kind of hide from her so she can't see me.

Yesterday morning she send me a picture of the two of us. The picture was on top of some bible versus and notes from church. She must use it as a book mark or something.

Anyway I don't want to sound nasty but church is defiently not her thing and its clear that she is attending to apparently try to prove herself to me.
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