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Affair partner physically thrashed my husband and had a physical fight with my sons

Infidelity In an affair or suspect your significant other? Share your experiences and concerns here.

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Old 28th January 2018, 9:45 AM   #106
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I am not a lawyer though a prosecutor can bring charges
against anyone for doing anything.

The old saying: You can indict a ham sandwich.

As to is there a case for aiding in this crime. In my opinion
it is to close to call for a non lawyer. But she left with her OM
fleeing the scene of the crime.

Also as to legal rights to the residence. Yes she is still the
wife. Though maybe the BH can get a RO against her based
on that she brought home a dangerous felon and created a
situation for the potential harm to her BH and children.

Even if the police will not keep her from returning home
how can she sit there and face her children and BH after
what she has done to them and she allowed her OM to
do to them?
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Old 28th January 2018, 10:27 AM   #107
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the lack of recent posts from the OP (can't call her SL) may mean that she's a guest of the gov't ATM....I would be interested to know what she's thinking, outside of her own well being...i.e. how she justifies the A and what the AP did...
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Originally Posted by aliveagain View Post
Is English your first language? I need to know you understand the seriousness of your situation because we now know a weapon was used in the attack on your family. Your choice to leave your family with the other man/attacker puts you in a very bad place. You need to get a lawyer that has experience with weapons charges. This is not just about infidelity, this is about you possibly being charged with a very serious crime. This could change your ability to be bonded, your credit, your financial situation, type of job you can hold, your marriage and there is a chance you may be incarcerated.

Even if your family doesn't press charges, the fact that a weapon was used makes it a police matter. This is a felony. No matter what my personal views of your behavior are, you need to be advised to get legal help. You also need to get independent counselling to find out why you behaved the way you did. There may be a physiological condition that your not aware of that is causing you to act the way you are.
I will stick to the thread, as asked by the administrator.

I'm a linguist and I can spot patterns of second language acquisition (I'm trained to do this and I spoke about my credentials elsewhere when it was also relevant).

This person--the story aside--from my reading, is using artificial intervals of English. What this means is they are projecting an artifice of not knowing the language. There's no consistency in confused idioms or syntactic structure, the kind you would find if someone were truly writing from a different language base or even using google translate to do so. This is not an example of this. This is akin to me faking my handwriting in order to disguise myself, but dropping in the regular way I write "a" here and there because it's a trained muscle. The brain is also wired in the native language and may sound a bit more contrived foreign on paper, but it could never be done IRL.

So, to answer a direct question on the thread and to stay away from speculation about what is real and what is not, I'm simply using my training to say that the person is probably a native speaker of the English language, but for whatever reason (and i would never speculate ) is trying to come off like a foreigner. It may be difficult for you to spot, but look at comma placement. The "mistakes" are inconsistent.

Anyway, back to the thread.
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To me, a woman who'd abandon her husband is a woman, a human being, a creature with flaws and weaknesses. But a woman who'd abandon her children for sex and excitement? I don't really have any words for this, this is a new low. You already made that choice when you fled from your home with your AP, now follow through and get away from your ex-husband's and children's lifes, permanently.
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More drama than a movie sceen. . .
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Closed until the thread starter returns, if they would like the thread re-opened then alert on my post and we will do so, thanks
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