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high anxiety



am starting to freak out with the latest health "update" from my father – he thinks he's got two years left to live, but if we kids are correct in thinking he's got incredibly low function in his kidneys, we'll be lucky to see him make his birthday in July.


what really sucks is wondering how we're going to handle things when his child bride is banned from entering the country until this summer, because she lied on her visa application. Do we pretend she doesn't exist and just go along getting things prepared, or do we second-guess every damn thing while we wait for input? Frankly, I wish there were a way to get the marriage dissolved, but he's adamant about keeping her ...


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Gee, quank, I'm sorry to hear about your Dad, I had no idea. I must admit the child bride has piqued my curiosity deeply. Some story that must be. Where is she now? Does her banning until summer make the marriage any less legitimate as far as legal recognition goes? That would determine how I would handle arrangements should it come down to that, I suppose. If she has legal rights, well I guess she has legal some right to make decisions concerning her husbands affairs.


Sure sounds like a green card marriage, though. What does Dad say?

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I'd just make the most of your dad's time alive, it must be horrible to know you're going to die soon. Has he accepted it? Do everything he ever wanted to do with him.


Get through the bad days and enjoy the good days.

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he seems to be resigned to what's happening with his body, though I think his military career has gone a long way in grounding him in being prepared for the unknown :)

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child bride (we figure she's my age, give or take a couple of years, 40-something & he's 78) is in Mexico, courtesy of the US Bureau of Immigration. It seems she lied on the current visa application about never having applied for one before, so she drew a one-year ban.


we tried to convince him to hold off marrying until she was okayed to come through, but they were hot and heavy to get it done right away, so yeah, I'm pretty sure this is about her and her kids securing a green card, and my dad about having a family close by in his final days.


as for the legality of the marriage, I'm pretty sure it's valid on both sides of the border, though I'm now wondering if it can be nullified if we can prove she's exploiting him. But that just makes things messy, and right now my older sister and I just trying to ensure that his immediate needs are being taken care of by going down there and getting the house in order.


at this point, all three of us daughters have medical power of attorney while Child Bride is in Mexico, but that could change once she gets to Texas, since she's his legal wife. Legal power of attorney definitely belongs to Child Bride ...

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