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Who am I really?



Some people on here have used google to find out who I am. Rather than that I will just tell you all.


I am a early 30's male to female transgender woman or "two-spirit".(Kind of like this person. http://nymag.com/fashion/11/fall/andrej-pejic/) Though some days I feel more bigendered and in general I think most gender norms are total BS. (My favorite is how a few years back they tried to market things like "oatmeal for women" and "water for women". Food is food, water is water, and clothes are clothes for the most part).


Sexually I have been with a larger number of men, but emotionally I connect better to women can and have enjoyed sex with women.


Educationally and career wise my interest lie in science and the philosophy of nature. I study the universe on all length scales. Right now I study the formation of stars.


Spiritually I am one of a number of Muslims who read the Quran and generally ignore the other books known as Hadith. The stories in those books are just not as relible. It's a way of being Muslim which is allot like being protestant and having a personal relationship with Jesus, instead my relationship is with the man himself.


Politically I am a member of the log cabin republicans and more of a libertarian.


Romantically I just about always have some person of interest in my life. If not an actual SO at least a potential SO. At times I ruminate over one of two past relationships, one with a man the other with a woman.


Why "MrLonelyone"?

When I first came here I asked about a problem with a woman. Rather than drop all the complexity of who I am I decided to just make it heteronormative so I could get advice. Like many I ended up staying.


Honestly, I find it soothing to read about and try to help others with their RLShip problems. Especially the involuntarily celibate and long term single.


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When you say that your personal relationship is with the man himself, what do you mean?

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When you say that your personal relationship is with the man himself' date=' what do you mean?[/quote']

Allmighty Allah (God).

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