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An Illustration of the whole PUA idea "Is this normal for a guy to say?"



Read these two things.


I love taking photos. I showed this guy I have been dating and friends with for a about a month some of my photos that I worked on. I sent him a link to view on FB. Later I asked did you see my photos and did you like them through email. He replied that he likes photos of ME and he saw one of me as a nurse and thought it was HOT. I mean that is great but photography is a love of mine and the photos I sent him were not of me they were various nice landscapes. So I said do you appreciate photography? Then he said you take nice pics and I hope we get some together etc etc, but it was kind of late and I got kind of hurt. :confused:


It seems shallow to me.


Then after talking about how distressing it is that the guy does not want to comment on her artwork she writes.

jobaba you are so right! The guys that are too nice seem fake sometimes or I don't like them, because they are too easy and the ones that don't say what I expect begin to worry me. OMG WHY ? Singledom is not SO horrible.


This is not to insult rebeccajones in any way. What she has written here illustrates the kind of thing that so called pick up artist talk about.


The whole thing about challenge and being a jerk etc etc.


Further it seems to be working on her.


The moral of the story for heterosexual men is to be a big perv and not care about the "real person". Don't just be a jerk be a real jack ___. Under a certain age say typical college age, women will go for that.


Thank almighty Allah I am transgender. Some things it makes way simpler. :cool:

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Eddie Edirol


The PUA's dont say to be a jerk, they say to carry the jerk qualities without being a jerk. Such as:

Dont need the woman

dont be eager to please

be unpredictable

dont be afraid to tease her

move in for the kill quickly

make her earn your heart, dont hand it to her.

And countless other tactics.


These area all things that the jerks do unknowingly. People forget that alot of jerks fall for the wrong women fast, and they dont know why she bails on him.


Its all the things that jerks do, but you dont have to be a jerk. I do it all the time, it works.

Rebecca has a job to do on her own, is to actually do the work to FIND the guy that is the middle ground, not just wait for them to come to her.

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