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An example of what it means when a transgender woman says they identify with/as a wom



IT Geek. that's just not true. Women don't walk around thinking sex sex sex all the time.


Even the most shallow, immature, young woman dosen't really do that. A man can be a hot sexy hunk....but if his personality is totally absent and her friends think he's "creepy" he will not get laid.


I'd bet that 75% of you guys on here complaining fall into that category. Every man here who's thought he looked horrible has been better looking than average when he shows a photo.


The problem is all in your mind. Remember someone as freaky and unconventional as me has had plenty of sex with women.


@Mme Chaucer


We don't usually agree about much. But here we do. They have not only several XX women telling them what their internal truth is. They have me, and XY transgender woman who experiences many (not all) of the same things women do telling them what it's like.


Apparently people who actually do have sex with men have no idea what makes men attractive to them.

Obviously when we are going about the day we are sizing up each and every man for a sex partner.

Last but not least, we aren't even mentally competent enough to know our own thought process. *


Things like ^ this^ are what a transgender woman means by identifying with/as a woman more than as a man.



*In defense of men on that one. Some women are taught that their sexual desires and choices are bad. So they will talk as if looks didn't matter at all. Then proceed to make choices that could only have been based on looks, because they choose a succession of doucebags. We all have a friend like that.

^Things like this^ are why I dont feel 100% like a woman as some TG women claim to. That and somehow being nicely and generously formed down below.

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