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My First :-)



Well, I've been journaling for years. I didn't realize until recently that's it's been a crucial tool for the growth I have had as a person over the years. I've always kept my thoughts to myself because I figured no one thinks like me...rather, I don't think like everyone else.


Turns out I don't. No one thinks like everybody else, but several people can have the same trains of thought, of logic. It helps to share with people on the same train. Some are open-minded enough to appreciate different trains of thought from their own. Others love the challenge of finding fallacy with others' logic/reasoning.


I love when two open-minded people, with two different trains of thought, can come together and share their differences. That's always been how I've expanded my understanding of people, and it makes me happy to do it and see others do it too.


I never would've guessed I'd find an environment where this premise reigns supreme. But that's what I get when I come to LoveShack. And I love this site for that.


So I figured, if I'm on here sharing and learning a lot of the time anyway, it may be more convenient for me to start journaling here too.


If you're reading, thanks.


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