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I heard I'm delusional from my parents.

I met a guy "in person" last two weeks ago and we been talking for a month and supposed to be two months if he didn't dump me. Right, he dump me after a week we separated - we are LDR and he needs to go back to his country. 

Before we agreed to meet in person we already made a promise and build a future. I know it's faster than I thought, but I can't help it . He sounds persuadable and I he got me. For real. I already carved it in my heart that he will be the last guy I'll ever love and treasure him all my life the fact that this feelings for him is lingering and hoping for him to comeback although he already send me a last message and blocked me . I know there's no hope but I'm still hoping for him to comeback. I'm LOYAL, HONEST, FAITHFUL which I already give it to him, the love I've been giving off is very precious and I gave it to him I received it, yes, but the fact that he dump me is suddenly, suspicious and questionable which I can't accept. Delusional? I don't know, maybe, but still I'm waiting for him to comeback. I already swear to myself and I can't undo it.

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Today I'm still waiting. WAITING HOPING REMINISCING  HURTING DELUSIONAL Yes, I am thinking being delusional again. Life isn't fair at all but need to move on. Step front not backwards, up and downs that's life works.  Coping Mechanism, currently I have . I still can't accept the fact cause it's too sudden. Still waiting and loyal. Sharing this here lessen atleast the worries I had . I wanna let you know all that he will be the one I have in my heart , cros




He knows I'm a LOYAL, He knows I'm a VULNERABLE, He knows my PERSONALITY, He knows I LOVE him , so much that can't compare to anything. He always asking me how much I love him.  He is my UNIVERSE. My love for him is INFINITY, I Had this feeling that maybe he is testing me how long I can hold it without him communication.  



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