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God Jones III

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About this journal

This is a cousin or sibling in terms of the journal.  I work for a 3rd World Country's Intelligence Service as a janitor so I know English very well.  Some of the information I wish to share in journal form might be speculated upon as fact.  Thus, my name has been changed but I'll be sure to have it cleared as neutralized via conversion. Or, I have unique skills.  

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Bamboozled By Satan

Satan bamboozled my Psychiatrist by making him prescribe me schedule 3 drugs which not my State or Country recognized as being abused just the poor, poor wife of an abusive spouse.  He is so abusive that wants to save the world including his wife.  Well, not the children we produce or have produced.  No wife apparently until it is really no wife.  More direct: "Does wife love you?"  I couldn't give an answer.  The answer-problem is easy to speak to in diagnostic ways. In the moment the obvious w


SydkneeQuncle in Love isn't wrong, it's just benedictive

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