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God Jones III

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Bamboozled By Satan



Satan bamboozled my Psychiatrist by making him prescribe me schedule 3 drugs which not my State or Country recognized as being abused just the poor, poor wife of an abusive spouse.  He is so abusive that wants to save the world including his wife.  Well, not the children we produce or have produced.  No wife apparently until it is really no wife.  More direct: "Does wife love you?"  I couldn't give an answer.  The answer-problem is easy to speak to in diagnostic ways. In the moment the obvious was allowed to score time with the question.  Oh, then the devil wants to have black male on me as once married no more can actual white man do what I do not want unless sober.  And that guy has no excuse...good news was he did  but in event what happened happens...then...who knows.

I keep yawning better answer the objection.

I have returned.  I was developing my email to the writer of one of the shortest statements in support or response and it would seem the writer was giving her boyfriend or lover an ultimatum by spelling out the terms of his doom.  Then he said take the GLE which is  probably the nicer of the cars they have in a divorce.  Recap would be he had the affair and she was talking about how terrible she was in comparison to the 24 year old kid her old man was having a gay affair with...even though it was described as "when I am hammered and on drugs" vs undrunk the 24 year old boy was not at all inclined to continue.  Further translation would be available.  It mentions 70k being an amount because of the terms a wells fargo bank would hold for miles allowed.  Once a car with too many miles for the year came up and the bank said no in advance with more than 70k.  


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