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Should I drop him?

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The lesbian comment is misogynistic. This is what knuckle draggers will use when rejected in some way by a woman. 

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This morning, I decided to ask him directly on what is going on. I did not want to ghost him as it looks bad on me as person. 

Today, after he send in the text "good morning", I said I would like to ask him on something. I said since you are no good texter , shall we use phone? He replied "don't like call. been talking all day. I'ii respond message during break time or free (he work from home), please text me."

Well, I am shocked by his response again. So I asked "our communication strictly stick to texting?". He replied "thought we met n chat already".

My last message to him "I thank you for being open and honest during breakfast time. Our connection seemed stagnant (neither here nor here). Guess we wish each other all the best!"

He replied "OK".


He is really a messed-up person., badly damaged by his experiences. 

I wanted to have this closure for myself because I don't do what I don't like others to do to me.

Well, folks! Your insights are true.................Move on to the next one!

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On 5/24/2024 at 12:46 AM, SEASON_WINTER said:

I joined online dating and met a man for breakfast one week ago (day 6 after texting). He is divorced (more than ten year ago) and has two children (age 21 and 18). Every weekend, the children will come to his place.

At the first breakfast date, he asked about my past marriage and relationship since my divorce. I was not comfortable to share as it is first time meeting him. I told him I am not used to share personal info at first date. He reacted that I may need to share when come to 2nd date but i was only looking at him.

He was very open and shared his life story from his marriage, divorce (what happen) and how ex wife get assets from him, his two relationships also ended up due to finance related (women ask money from him). I was in fact very over-whelmed by his sharing as I was not prepared to people sharing personal information at early stage. I did try to show empathy though. 

He shared that he is not a big texter. He tried texting younger ladies and he cannot keep up with the pace of texting. They questioned him for being quiet on texting and no initiate to share information of his daily activities and whereabouts. He said somehow I am different from those he met, he commented that I never initiated text with him and I never asked him what he is doing as well.

Since the day we connected by text messages, (he initiates) he sends morning texts, good night texts every day without fail. If we exchange some texts, his response will be very brief. Other than morning text, evening text, good night texts, he never asked me any other information about myself. This behavior continued since day one.  He also did not initiate 2nd date since the breakfast date.

I am confused by his behaviour. Is he stringing me? 


You really do deserve better. 

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