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Meeting the Children?


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On 9/26/2023 at 1:18 PM, Jamie0226 said:

Meeting my family is a big deal, and personally, I don't want to introduce my boyfriend to the most important people in my life who aren't willing to do a brief introduction of their children after a year/11 months of exclusive and happy dating. 

Has he given you some indication that he wouldn’t be open to this? Or, is this an assumption that you are making? 

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On 9/26/2023 at 10:34 AM, Jamie0226 said:

there is always the fear of upsetting the children or the exes using our personal lives against us.  

Is there a reason why the ex’s would have a problem with the fact that you both have moved on and been in a relationship for the past year? Are they particularly  unreasonable people? 

My partner’s ex-wife has some serious mental health issues. They were both very worried about telling her - they feared her response to the news of our relationship. But, it was not awful. And with time, it’s been fine.

Is it possible that your anxiety is getting the better of you?  It feels like you are worrying about things that may go wrong.. before you have given it a chance to go right. 

Of course, this is a BIG step in any relationship. I understand your anxiety. But, you have to give it a chance to work out. I would just advise that you try to manage your expectations. There will be a period of adjustment and not everyone will be happy all the time… You need to expect that there will be some bumps. If you take it slow and nothing in their lives really changes - ie. you are not going to move in together and they still get your time and attention separate of this person and his children… it should be fine. Honestly. 


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