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What is this colored stain on his pants?

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3 hours ago, WonderingAgain said:

I know you are right because I have driven myself crazy with other unhealthy aspects of this relationship to no avail.   I’m not better for any of it today.

 I am just at the stage now to think how does this breakup affect the family aspect. What stuff can I drop out of??

You did the best you could.

It doesn't matter if it's long distance or local, infidelity has no geographical limitations.

It can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

Just read the board. Plenty of people together on a regular basis, living together, not living together, married, etc.

My advice is to take some time to really assess what aspects of your relationship are healthy and which are not. Make a list of the things that are causing you pain and stress. You may not be able to change everything, but it can help to make a plan for how to move forward that is better for you. 

Your family is likely also upset or hurt, that's natural. Be sensitive to their feelings. Ask your family what they need from you during this time. Focus on the things that matter most, such as taking care of each other, being kind to each other, and supporting one another. I would also try to take a break from some activities or commitments that aren't as vital during this time.

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7 hours ago, WonderingAgain said:

Yes, that’s exactly it.  Sounds embarrassing!!!

So, given that you two are apparently not exclusive, yes, I think you are not the only woman he is having sex with. 

The better question is, why have you accepted this weird arrangement for so long? 

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