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Why is he so childish? He is 35!

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10 hours ago, karendonaire said:

I mean, it is scary that he went through the trouble to unfriend me.

Hate to pile on, but I'm curious what you find "scary" about it?  What an odd reaction. 

HE has moved on, that's one of the first things people do when they've moved on, they unfriend you on their FB. 

What's scary is your obsession about why he unfriended you! 

What story are you telling yourself?  That's he's so in love and obsessed with you he couldn't bear to see your name on his friends list? Lol

Kindly, please get over yourself and let this go. 

No doubt he has. 



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You are wasting his time romantically and he's not interested in friendship/being social with you. If you are not otherwise connected to his life (e.g. you are co-workers or something) why shouldn't he unfriend you? It's not a drastic step, just less "clutter" so he can focus on other romantic prospects and/or people that actually matter to him.

Here's a question for you to consider - why would you be surprised, or care, when someone who you have little to do with unfriends you on social media. Do you believe that no one could possibly have little interest in you after meeting you? That's not how the real world works.

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You stood him up and instead of apologizing you told him you had lost interest.

Later he contacts you and you deliberately don't reply when he comes up with new meeting dates.

He unfriended you. Which is obviously smart. You aren't interested in him. So he unfriended you. And somehow YOU are confused? 


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