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Liking two people at the same time


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Dang, I wish I had the privilege of being attractive enough to even have options, let alone multiple. 

Then again, i'm not complaining. I'm financially well off in a 1st world country; i'm sure there's plenty of poor people in 3rd world countries that would love to be in my shoes.  

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On 12/14/2021 at 8:31 AM, Bluesandy said:

It happened to me ..... But they were not on the same level... One was more intellectual sharing and the other was more sexual.... I had a hard time choosing but finally went disastrous since I choose the one sexual... And it went nowhere.... Actually someone told me it is because none of them was my complete choice, so I should go for a third one, decision which was hard to take, and I finally choose the one sexual... But now I am with a third one and it is ok.. I have understand no one can fulfill all your requirement so you will always have to loose something in order to gain something.. nobody is perfect... that's life...

That's interesting, thank you for sharing that!

Definitely have to give this some thought for the future.

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