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Do white men find black women sexually attractive?

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But according to my black female co-worker, she sees this combination a bit more frequently in Europe than in the States, and said she had been approached by European white males quite often while abroad.


Yes, this is probably a very accurate description of the situation in Europe from "the horses mouth" as it where. I've heard account s of how black women were popular in Europe before. This black female co-worker of yours was far from the only one experiencing this.

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Why is it different when Black women are outspoken

and college educated it is looked upon as ghetto? I am

a black woman who has a four year degree plus some

units towards my Masters degree with an 3.8 gpa.


Now I have been told that I am pretty by men of ALL


business. Look it up in the hair history books! My hair

is naturally curly medium length. Why is it people have

to ask me is that your hair? I have NEWS for you!!!


Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson wear HAIR WEAVES!!!


But do you ever hear white or black comics making

jokes about them wearing fake hair?!


Britney is WHITE TRASH why you are so dead set on

believing that Black women are ghetto. I am from a middle

class background. My mother who is of a mixed background

worked for a major university and my beautiful black

father served in the military for 22 years plus college

educated made sure that my brother and I lived in

nice homes. I took piano. My brother played the guitar and

was involved in many other activities.


The media DOES play a major role in how we perceive

beauty!!! Commercials will make sure they get the

cream of the crop white woman to advertise their hair

products. You will never see a Beth Midler type of white

woman making a commercial for prime time!!!


So women like Janet Jackson and Gabrielle Union are

found daily. The white media is always telling us

what and how to look!!!!! But in Psalm 139


GOD says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made!!!!

So yes in my community you will see Jada Pinkett Smith,

Halle Berry, Janet Jackson, Gabrielle Union,Vanessa Williams,Jill Scott, Vivica A. Fox, Alicia Keys, Kelly,

Michelle, Beyonce, Serena Williams, Tyra Banks,

Eva,Queen Latifah,Kimberly Elise,and Angela Basset

are COMMON in our areas!!!!


So again the white media will never use a Sandra

Bernhardt type to advertise for their shampoo!! Believe

that!! So just like the white media uses the cream of

the crop white women use cream of the crop black women!


A black woman who is strong and confident is either considered

cocky, ghetto, or the b name!


A white woman who is strong and confident she is

just considered confident!!!!! So


THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!!! This is coming from a black woman who is usually asked out by White,East Indian,

and Hispanic men because my natural tan they find



Remeber GOD'S word!!!! I have LOVE for all of you!!!!


Can I just say I'm feel like you just read my mind. I'm have pretty much the same back ground as you and I'm in Michigan and white men here are into blk women, I can speak for the rest of America. Oh, don't feel bad because Latin women are stereo type as sluts.

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:) Hi, I am a black girl in an interracial relationship, and my boyfriend didnt fall in love with me the minute he layed eyes on me. We were really good friends who could talk about anything, and so we decided to try dating, and it worked out really well. I became so beatiful to him once he learned more about me and realized how much he liked me. For me, a person is not completely attractive unless I get to know them well. There are people who I see and think are absoluelty hot or gorgeous, and then I get to know them and they arent so great..


In conclusion, I think knowing someone (their personallity, how they think, what the've been through, what they feel) is huge part of attraction. Alot of these posts refer to differences in appearances among races..

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In conclusion, I think knowing someone (their personallity, how they think, what the've been through, what they feel) is huge part of attraction.


Shhhhh. Some people like to get hung up on looks - racial or otherwise. You're gonna scare them with your common sense and reason :D

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Greetings folks,


This thread has been closed to further posting, although I'm not going to delete it. The reason for its closure is the surprisingly high number of borderline-to-outright racist remarks it has drawn. I haven't had time to read through this thread as closely as I'd like, so I may well have missed some of the derogatory comments posters have made about other racial groups' skin tones, other physical features, and generalizations about assumed character traits, etc. If you spot one in this thread, please report it to the moderation team using the "report this post" button.


Speaking honestly on this site is encouraged, but with the caveat that one must also use sensitivity. When speaking about other racial groups, ethnic groups, etc., while you might assume that your honest opinion is a) valid, and b) simply your honest opinion, you must try to imagine how you would react if someone from the group you're commenting on made the same remark (with whatever modifications would be relevant) about your own group. Would you be offended, even though it was just one person's honest expression of their opinion? If the answer is "yes," then don't post it here.

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