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Trying to work it out [updated 2017-03-17]

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I fail to see the point in bashing this child on any level, one year later.


She gets it.


To the OP.


Wait. Hold on. The day will come when your child walks and says the magic word. MOM. She reaches out and holds your hand. You gave birth to human life. This is your child, your love and your future. There comes a time when you must accept the past and bury it where it belongs. Forgive yourself. Move on. Love your child with all you have and do what you can to pave her way.


Time will change you and your daughter. Wait for it. Prepare and enjoy that wonderful bundle of joy that will love you unconditionally.


Until she becomes a teenager. (yikes)

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hope your parents wake up and get in your corner.


It will get better. Do try to get enough sleep so that you can function.


hoping that your baby grows healthy and your life improves.


Daughters are great. I have 4. 3 of the 4 are nurses.


one works in a NICU, so she works with many sick babies. It is hard when one dies, but good when some live.


At least your baby is a girl and not like some of the male babies that I hear about that the girls do better than the boys in the NICU.


good luck.

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Maybe read her story. There is no BH here. There is no WW. There is no marriage to repair. She's a young kid and had a young kid relationship with some young guy. She got drunk & hooked up with another guy and got pregnant by him. Then she continued to make decisions that took her deeper into this mess.


Kailah - I hope you can find the maturity to put your child's needs above your own. I pray that you find the strength to do this and that your baby recovers from these serious health problems and grows to be a strong, well-adjusted person.


I read her story.



As others before the OP, the WW or WGF same story went out

drinking used the alcohol excuse so she can claim I did not

know what I was doing.



There is no way a woman can claim she did not know the OM's plan

was to keep buying her drinks till he could get her into bed.



Not realize it after the second drink, the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, when?



Or when the says lets go to my room why does the WW/WGF not

know that the OM's motive is to get her in to his bed?



Then once in bed what gives the WW?WGF the rationalization that the

OM will not try to start some monkey business and not push the

foreplay until he gets to bang her?



She knew what was going on from the first drink. After the next step

keep being taken she never once told the OM no she just kept

deciding to do what the OM and she wanted to happen.

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You are doing great, as per your words. You are being the mother your daughter needs, and you are focusing on your child first!


You definitely do need someone to talk to without judgement. I admit, I hadn't read through the thread entirely until recently.


Don't stress out. Be cool.


Be the momma your daughter deserves, and sooner than you think, I bet you will meet a man who appreciates you for how you are as a mother rather than how you can't hold your alcohol (which is cool anyway).

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Noting the length of the thread and that the starter hasn't been around in a few weeks, I'll close this up pending their return and any update. Thanks for your input.

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