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Feeling Like You Could Nail The Interview If You Had Your Time Over?

Business and Professional Relationships Networking and maintaining a positive environment in the work place is important! Surviving the 9-to-5 within.

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It is Saturday here and my bf and I are going to the local mall so I can hand out my resumes to jewellery stores.

It is late, lunch time nearly, so I had a sleep in and I am by no means working "too hard" lol. But I do prefer to look every day besides a Sunday.

I have also decided to relax, stop preparing for interviews beyond researching the role and going over why I want the job and how my skills match. I figure, being myself and relaxing will provide me with more chances.

I have reached a point where I feel I can 90% relax and be myself during interviews, with 10% of nerves thrown in due to wanting the job so badly.

I believe I can switch "off" and just stop caring so much about the hopeless job situation for retail and other industries at similar skill levels.... since I know how hard it can be for some people to get jobs; one very pleasant woman I know has not been able to find work for four years, she is talented, has been able to draw her own art since age 5 (high fashion pics), has advanced embroidery skills, yet after high school no one would hire her. She dresses very professionally yet... too many applicants apply for each basic job on offer.

This woman ^^ is SO much more pleasant in my opinion than many of the young staff I also know, who party and drink every weekend and are SUPER two faces and gossipy - the 24 year old I speak of who has not been able to get a job in four years, is more mature, she comes off as more professional, and she is just.... so much more talented and pleasant to me, than the others who always seem to get the job over her. She does fantastic art, designs clothes, and is super talented at a lot of artistic things - the other young people that get the jobs over her usually have no talent, no special things about themselves, but they have "perky, retail" personalities and physical looks that match retail.

When are retail managers going to start giving people with more depth, maturity and more real talents than the young people who "get" the retail jobs?

My parents complain ALL THE TIME about the young retail staff who don't have the slightest clue about delivering customer service! They just don't know their products because their managers stretch them so far due to understaffing so these poor young people have NO chance to learn the products since they are pulled in so many other directions which all stem from the managers and companies being consumed with greed and wanting to cut corners in order to make a profit for share holders.

It is a travesty. That poor 24 year old I recently met is such a respectable, decent women. She is attractive, mature and just a very remarkable, naturally talented individual. She is the type who would actually spend the time helping customers out! So yeah, I know there is a good chance I will still be in this position in years to come; simply not able to get a job despite daily searching and regular interviews.

I should just relax and try my best - long term unemployment can happen to anyone - not just the destitute or undesirables.

In three years time, I will be a qualified podiatrist and will much more easily be able to get jobs, since 200 applicants do not apply for each podiatry opening, since FAR LESS people have done the hard yards and gotten a difficult degree. Besides from city jobs, there just aren't enough podiatrists around to send 200 applicants to every podiatry firm asking for a job.

So, if I don't get a job in the meanwhile, too bad I guess.. I am still so eager to work and will continue trying.

I feel a lot more relaxed now as I know long term unemployment just happens to plenty of decent people, no need for me to be nervous at all during interviews, being myself and having solid answers to questions which I already am well versed in is all I can provide.

I really, really hope that I am not long term unemployed three years from now
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