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Too shocked to think of what to say...

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Old 9th February 2018, 10:54 AM   #61
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Originally Posted by Gaeta View Post
Oh I did! I have no problem telling him what idiot he is. I let it all out! He is breaking an important rule at AA, he's not helping this young girl, he's risking his own sobriety AND he's emotionally cheating on his gf.

He sees nothing wrong, he serves me phrases like I deserve to be happy at my age, and age is just a number.
He really just needs to break up with the girlfriend. Clearly she is not making him happy if he's that willing to jump into something with anyone else who pays attention to him.
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Old 10th February 2018, 4:42 AM   #62
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When I hear this story. All I hear is lust on overdrive. I think your friend should let his current GF go.
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Old 10th February 2018, 5:56 AM   #63
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Your friend must be going through a hardcore mid life crisis.

I'd say that if these women he falls in love with were women that inspired him to be the best man he could be, then maybe it would be worth to leave his current partner and chase his happiness. But it's clearly not the case. But his current relationship doesn't seem to make him that happy either. So I feel a bit bad for him, I sense that he's a total mess.

At least it seems that you have a decent friendship, since you can tell him directly what an idiot he is without him reacting badly. I'm not sure what else could you say to him though. If he's a friend that doesn't make you happy anymore then you can just say that you don't like the person he is right now and explain to him for the last time. Maybe ask him to contact you when he's gotten over this crisis and is his good old self again?
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Old 12th February 2018, 11:11 AM   #64
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Finally he did the right thing. He broke up with his girlfriend over the weekend. He says he feels it was the right thing to do and he feels relieved. He said they had not been intimate in 6 months, he had lost all sexual desire for her and they were nothing more then friends for a long time.
'' The Biggest Coward Is A Man Who Awakens A Woman's Love With No Intention Of Loving Her '' - Bob Marley
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