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Women who say "I have so much more in common with men"

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Dreamer has beliefs and values...they may not be what we view as idealistic, but to her it's what she believes and has been brought up to believe.

Dreamer, you're very opinionated and open in your beliefs and doesn't all make sense to me, I'll be honest, but I guess it's about acceptance and acknowledging everyone has different values...I do not agree with a lot of what you say, but you seem to have conviction in your words at times...good luck....but please keep this in mind when you post, everyone is different and has different ideas about how to lead their one way is right, but we all will express our individual views.
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Originally Posted by Ross MwcFan View Post
What if you get married to some dude, only to find out you're not sexually compatible/the sex with him sucks?
With as much as you glorify sex and assume it's so wonderful, the more attached and in love you are with a person, the better it will be. The healthiest sexual relationship you will ever have will be with a person you're in love with. I would be incompatible with anyone any other way.

If I were to get married, I'd be so in love with that person that sex would be so friggin' AWESOME with them, it'd blow your mind away. If you're not in love, you're gonna have problems.

Besides...when the friend that I like can touch my hand and it feels like it's on fire after he does so, imagine what the rest of his body would feel like....
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