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20 Year Waste of Time?



Well, as the description says, it's been 20 years since I divorced the now-2nd-ex-wife.  It was all pretty good in the beginning, but then 09/11 happened and the tech bubble burst.  People lost good paying jobs and had to find what they could in terms of work.  I was one such individual.  I did manage to stay in the tech industry, although it was pretty much a "start over from scratch" situation.  The ex could not handle it and, rather than talk about it, began looking for my replacement (unbeknownst to me).  Less than 3 years later, I am out and the new guy is in.  I never had a clue; got completely blindsided.  Found out later she had been cheating the last three years of our fiver year marriage. Total partners turned out to be 6-7 over the course of those years and she actually started just before 09/11.

I will simply never understand how someone who professed to love someone enough to marry them would not even discuss the issues leading up to divorce in a clear and definitive manner.  Instead, start arguments so that she could "be right" and then have an excuse to further cheat and destroy not only our lives, but the lives of three beautiful children.  Now I am stuck with trust issues related to women and marriage where I see feminism preaching to just divorce your husband and find someone new.  "We don't need no man" has become the mantra of the day.  

Still, you put yourself out there and after a dozen or so dates, and couple of short relationships (3 months or less) you find the "we don't need no man" mindset is so ingrained in society now that it's a waste of time dating since the appearance is that it's only for a man to provide a free meal while she lists her requirements that only .001% of men can hope to achieve.  Those men have so many options that a woman will not lock them down, yet the actual good men who are simply looking for a life partner are destined to either stay alone or spend money to go overseas (aka Passport Bros) to find someone to love.  Pretty sorry state of affairs all the way around.

Okay, so a pretty dismal starting description in terms of first entries, but it is the current reality I have lived under for 20 years (December of 2003).  I may well not find anyone in the USA who is compatible, but not sure if it is worth the time and bother to go overseas only to bring them back to where they can be infected with the current feminism virus strain.  One can only hope that eventually adults will wake up and understand that there are no perfect people out there, so we have to find that one with 80-85% of the things we are looking for and hope we can overlook the rest.

Pretty sad, all in all, eh?

Solo in Texas


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