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I go to bed  and wake up at peace. I'm at peace. I love where I am in life. I've left everyone and everything behind. I have a pending case in Galveston County. I hope I can get it taken off. It's public record.  I also need to find a part time job, something that pays cash, good cash, lol! Cuz I need money I don't care about lying, everyone lies, it's who you that matters. I don't like people who judge and make people feel bad for their insecurities. I have nothing bad to say about you. Nothing. It's all good. 

I want people like me around. People who are happy. 

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I am pleased to meet you. I am happy sometimes, sad others, but I did learn how to beat acting on anger, which makes me happy. I like your attitude. I don't understand why people don't see that when we lie, it self-sabotages ourselves, because there is no way to keep track of reality, and I am not the youngest, but I have seen every time someone lies, they suffer for it one way or another. And for those people, any one who had learned to rely on lying has doomed themselves. They don't seem to realize that no one can keep track of lying, it is not possible. The other thing is when we see all benefit, and no liability, like no bad side and only a good side to doing something, it is always a trap. Some people lie to get out of trouble, but the ones I really don't like, is the ones who trick people by lying to them to take advantage of them in any way, even the slightest. That is BAD!

I just got back from going to a car dealer to ask them how much they would give me for my car if I sold it to them as is. Well. Let  me keep this short, they are thieves, they did something to my "BRAKES"!!! The peddle goes about 1-1/2" lower when I stepped on right when I got in. I was like "NO!" And they offered me $6,500 for a car I paid $22,000 for 7 months ago~

I called the police to make a report, and I am going to a repair shop I know to ask them to find out what they did to the brakes, then I will tell the police what they did. Just a report, and ask them to at least make a note of it. I have no way of proving anything, so I now I have to fix my brakes or take it back there for them to fix??? NO, I will eat that, cut my loss and report it.

I am not mad right now. I have a plan that I feel is justified, I can fix my brakes, if they are fixable, but I can file a report, they were wrong, not me. So I have nothing to feel bad about. I may have saved a lot of people trouble by reporting this. I am positive they are crooked. I used to just say, "Crap" and drive away.

But something changed recently. I realized I am not as important as 8 billion other people are!!! It is not that anyone is more "important than anyone", my concept is if there is one of anything on one side, and 8 Billion on the other, the 8 billion "Out Weighs the One!"

Sure we are all equal. But while other people seem to believe they are more important than anyone, I realized my happiness comes from helping other people!

See while people in this world do the wrong things for the wrong reasons and hurt others, I can do the right thing for the right reasons and help others just as well. It doesn't matter if I save the world or only myself. I live true to my principles that are spiritually based. Not money making sense. I learned that I have a choice, I can be happy, or I can be angry. It seems like  you have found out how to do the same thing maybe differently or using a different understanding, philosophy, or concept I may not be aware of. Would you be interested in explaining more of your philosophy so maybe I can pick up some new ways to beat negative feelings. Negative feelings "ONLY" come from negative thoughts.

It is not so much what we do, as why we do things. You know? I stay happy because it is helpful to me, and I am happiest helping others. It makes me happy to make someone else happy! Does it work that way for you too?

If someone makes me angry, I have realized that 99% if not every time, the person who offended me, did not offend me knowing or caring enough, and most of the time, they are not even aware they hurt us!!! If I don't ask someone, bring what I "Feel" when they "did" or "do" something, they will never know. If they don't know, they can't address my feelings.

I used to be quite, now I speak up. I noticed that previous sentence right above this one is true. But SOOOOO True. There has only been one time that people tried to hurt me again when I brought what they did to their attention. And guess who it was!!! Yup, the car dealer!

Every personal relationship I have, where I bought my feelings to light, people DO understand, they Do want to help me, they DO Apologize. Businesses, yeah, good luck there. Bring your legal team with you!!! lol!




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