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I Don't Know



I decided to quit social media. A part of it has to do with my rape, and another part of it has to do with mess. There is a man, who has been trying to talk to me for the longest, even thought he has a girlfriend. It bothers me. It bothers me because I'm being put in mess that has nothing to do with me. My ex did the same thing. People just put me in their mess. I decided that for the sake of my mental and emotional well-being, it was probably best if I stayed away. 


I miss the days when I could be on social media with little to no cares in the world. It's a lot, but it disturbs my peace to be on something and be given reminders and triggers. It's terrible. I  spoke to three therapist to cope. 


I hate people who talk. They talk so much. It bothers me. 

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A lot of people have quit social media because they feel it has been terrible for their self esteem and peace of mind.  You may miss it at first out of habit but as time goes on you will find you're far more productive without it.  I know the less time I spend online at all I'm seeing more production in my life.

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