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Unrequited... What?



I don't think its possible to love someone who doesn't love you back.


Real love is a joint creation.


It is possible to be infatuated, with someone who doesn't share the feeling, though.

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I don't agree.. We often want to justify our reasons for loving someone. We feel it should be earned and reciprocated, but the truth is the heart sometimes chooses someone, and blindly commits. It does not require our permission nor rational justification.

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I certainly can understand why and how you could feel that way. With that being said, I strongly disagree.

What about the people that do and say exactly the right things that allow your heart to take charge leaving all reason and logic at the waste side?

You are in love with the person they have created to control and manipulate your emotions and they are unable to love you in return.

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I hate to be a broken record but I simply do not agree. Love is a feeling that is not only felt by those who are in romantic relationships but also friends and family members. It is unfair to say that a mother who says she loves her unborn child is only infatuated because the child is not able to love yet. Sure this example is extreme but unrequited love exists in many different situations and relationships. Love is a strong emotion and it can be interpreted in many different ways.

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