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I am the it I am doing.



To really heal, its necessary to overcome the feeling of incompleteness that underlies everything. That feeling of incompleteness can only be remedied by Being, in the fullest sense of Being. We have to give birth to ourselves, and grow up all over again.


People get lost in events, and their personal history of events.



"So and so happened, and that's why I feel like this."



The above is an untruth.


The feeling is real, but the explanation isn't.


There isn't a valid because.


We just feel the way we feel.




"I am doing it


the it I am doing is


the I that is doing it


the I that is doing it is


the it I am doing


it is doing the I that am doing it


I am being done by the it I am doing


it is doing it




One is afraid of


the self that is afraid of


the self that is afraid of


the self that is afraid


One may perhaps speak of reflections"



- RD Laing, Knots.




We feel the way we feel, and we take it from there.


We make peace with the way we feel.


And then a door opens.

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