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Loneliness and Solitude.



It is possible to get into a relationship with yourself that gives you a sense of deep satisfaction and fulfilment when you are alone, but its something that takes time to establish. It means getting to know yourself bit by bit, until you finally realise that it's ok to be happy.


The culture we live in constantly bombards us with the message that happiness is outside of us; that we can only be happy if we can find someone who loves us with a kind of fierce intensity. The real truth is that happiness does not depend on circumstances. You don't need a beautiful wife or husband to be happy. You don't need lots of money. You don't need to have power and influence. You don't need fame.


You do need people, but you don't need them to be happy.


Spending time alone helps us find our happiness in ourselves, where it was all along.


Spend more time alone with yourself, if you want to overcome your loneliness.


Go camp in the mountains.


"Our language has wisely sensed the two sides of being alone. It has created the word loneliness to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word solitude to express the glory of being alone."


- Paul Tillich.

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