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Trying not to think about it...



If you had a broken finger, would you try to heal it by not thinking about it?



"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."


— C. G. Jung



Freud and Jung concluded that most mental and emotional pain comes from:








Failure to adapt.


All you will achieve by trying not to think about this is the creation of terrific tension in your psyche.


The thoughts come, but you try not to think about them = resistance.


You try not to think about the thoughts but you do = conflict.


Conflict + Resistance = Mental and emotional pain.



Let the thoughts come and go just like any other thoughts.


Let them come, let them go.


If you don't they will slam in hard, at inconvenient times.


Let them come, let them go.


Gradually the thoughts are drained of energy, and become something of little significance.


Then, having completed your process, you can properly and effectively adapt.



You get what you resist.


What you resist persists.

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