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Happy Father's Day

MrNate 2.0


Every time around this year I take the time to raise a nice middle finger to you for even refusing to acknowledge that you had a son.


I've never met you, and when I got the chance to call, you didn't even entertain the possibility.


I'd tell you what life was like for me growing up. There's a part of me that will always be missing, and I don't know how to fill it.


Has it affected me? Oh, absolutely.

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I'm sorry to hear this Mr Nate. :(


Thinking of you xo


Thank you babe.

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I hear you.



My father left when I was really young.



I always hated having to make father's day cards with my school class, as I didn't have one.

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This is your father's loss. I know you're hurting. Hope you enjoy tomorrow and don't let the day get you down.

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Posted (edited)

I truly understand your feelings, but How far you hate how far you get hurt your self, let it go from your head. My ex did the same thing to my daughter but I am not growing hate towards to him , simply I raise her with out any shadows of him, as total single mother. At some point that is better. Don't hate your father Nate, just forgive him and just let him go from your head, that relief your head other wise it will effect some day when you become a father, then your mind will start blowing on your kids so the best try to be opposite of your father, what can you do the best some day be a very good father for your child. Hate or showing middle finger does not help no one!

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