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And so he wrote:

MrNate 2.0


So we're here.


Things are starting to come along. There's a slight sense of progress, and it should feel rewarding..but of course it doesn't. Especially when you look at how much further you have to go.


The funny part is I don't even know what that fully entails. So many years have been spent floating around, going in no specific path, with no direction. Like a ship with no control over which way it sails.


Recalling nights where there's that feeling of emptiness have become just a bit too common. Like there's a void that needs to be filled. Maybe it comes from things where I have always lacked at. And the desire to change that.


I guess it's becoming more clear that I want to make progress, but it got hard to find out where to start. However, lately, I think I've been getting an idea. I'm learning that maybe the reason why things have been sub par for so long is because there was never really that sense of purpose behind what I was doing.


I've come to understand that a large amount of that comes from your passion and your desire to make a difference.


It's becoming more clear that until those are pursued, that feeling of empty will always be there, until I move in the direction I should.


That has to start now.


I sometimes wonder where it started. I lived a large part of my life as a mystery, because explaining it would never be easy. I developed into a man I don't even understand. So tracing the roots is hard.



However, the road forward is still there, and the wishes I possess can still become a reality. And I'm bent on making it happen.


It's time to get stepping again.

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