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Triangulation continued



Okay, so I haven't heard from her, and have heard from him. A good friend pointed out that the protest itself would probably change his behaviour. If not, I can escalate my behaviour to assert myself.


We were supposed to meet today, but it's pissing it down, and we agreed by text to meet during the week. I know he hasn't answered the questions I asked, but I also know he will have read them. Just planting seeds...


At the end of my last therapy session, I felt sad, and shared that with my therapist. Since that, I have felt more grounded, less unsettled. I have calmed down. I am ambivalent about how things go with J (the male friend in the triangle). If he's friendly, an asset to my happiness, we're friends. If he's not, time to move on.


This is the value of therapy, to me. There's someone else in the room, acknowledging my feelings. I am expressing my feelings, my self, and this guy is good, very good, for me.


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