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Adultery is the ONLY sin that can dissolve a marriage in the Bible, and many religions adhere to that today.


But God does offer forgiveness for the truly repentent.


Jesus, upon discovering the about-to-be stoning of a prostitute, admonishes the crowd: "Let he without sin, cast the first stone."

Everyone puts down their rocks, and it is a famous lesson.


But he then admonishes the prostitute, "To go, and sin no more."


So is it a sin when it starts? Or is it a sin when publicly outed? Or is it a sin when the sinner realizes it is?


I too am a spiritual person, and believe in the healing powers of prayer and religion. I have seen it work miracles in lives.


Mombot, I am happy you find it a comfort.


Seek and ye shall find.

Great post from Spark


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