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subconcious signals


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I haven't posted in a while here, but I was just wondering about something interesting I read some time ago.


The article mentioned why guys approach certain girls and not others, and it had to do with certain subconcious signals that the girls were emitting (sp) It could be a "don't approach me signal", or the opposite (approach me)


It doesn't ahve anything to do with actual physical movements, like flirting with your eyes or body, but the article was related to more of a subconcious type thing -which I suppose might translate into body language, but then again, I'm not sure.


Does this make any sense.


I wish I remember more of what the article was talking about, but this is the gist of it.


Just wondering

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Depends on the persons involved. I know I would not approach any girl. It's just how I am, but I do have a girlfriend.

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i'm not a guy, but that does make sense to me...


it's hard to pin-point what it is, but something tells me if a guy wants to be flirted with, etc. perhaps it's body-language... but more than that, it's just the vibe you get from the person. it's probably a combo of body language, dress, eye-expression...


i think the vibe is based on their circumstances - whether or not they're looking for someone, etc... sometimes even if a person is looking consciously, they're not really ready for somebody new. i think often, that can be sensed, somehow.


in any case, all these subconscious singals cannot be controlled or observed directly... so why worry about them? :)


just some thoughs...


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