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totally confused


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About two and a half months ago, my husband of nearly five years and I separated, due to the circumstances and his really wanting out of the marriage, we were able to get our divorce over with rather quickly.


About two weeks after my husband and I separated a man that I have known all of my life called me and asked me out. At first I was very hesitant he's older than me, I'm 23, he's 35. Not that I really think that matters. After we had gone out a couple of times, he started wanting to see me every day and spend pretty much all of his free time with me. I kept telling him not to get attached, because I felt that it was just too soon for me to get involved, but like an idiot, I wound up getting attached to him. He asked me not to see other people. Our first big fight, was because he has two female friends that he talks to all the time. And I probably wouldn't have had a problem with it except that he made the comment to me that his friends came first because friendship lasted forever and relationships didn't. Then after that he said he didn't really mean it like it sounded. And as far as I know he has quit talking to both of those women.


A couple of weeks ago I told him I thought I was falling in love with him and he got very upset. He said that he wanted to feel the same way about me but he just didn't. Well, he has continued to want to see me every day, but then all of a sudden, he stopped calling me and didn't want to see me. At first I thought he was just scared that maybe he felt more than he wanted to admitt, but now i'm wondering. Someone please tell me if I should just break up with him and save myself the pain of being dumped.

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why do u say "if i should break up with him" ? sounds like he has already done it... he stopped calling and seeing u... unless he's in jail or hospital, that means he's no longer interested, which in turn sets you free as a bird...


so yeah, if i were u, i'd look around for other men you might be interested in dating.


thats my view,


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The key words: He got upset and said he wished he felt the same way.


It should have been the other way around. Your the one fresh out of divorce. You have already just been put through pain and you shouldn't leave yourself open and vulnerable for more.


I wouldn't attempt to talk or think about him. If he contacts you tell him he did you a favor, that appreciate the truth and hope he has a happy and fulfilling life ahead of him. In no way accept any apology from him. Don't let him feed you any bullshi~ lines.

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you are 23 . I am 23 too. A good match, perhaps?


it is time for you to do something else beside dating another guy


you got divorced and you want to fill that hole. i don't blame you


i don't want to be your mom or anything. LET SAY THIS WAY


FORGET dating for a few months and start look for your FUTURE


CAREER is important, isn't it?


i am sure that you don't want to depend financially on future guy, do you?


i had a girlfriend who got divorced and she doesn't want to date anybody else, working hard, spending more time with her family


and now she is a happy girl




the relationship can't be exist when there is no mutual understanding and respect, loving and caring between you and people


no offense. best luck with your future

that is all i can say

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