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well the story goes liek this


my girlfriends birthday was yesterday and i completely forgot, due to reasons i'll get into.


well today she called me and asked me what happened , why i didn't come and see her and she told me that what hurt her the most was that i never even said happy birthday.at this point i'm feeling less than crap cuz i can see her with her family and them asking her where i am..........


rewind to last weekend


her family decided that we would go out for dinner and a club to celebrate her birthday earlier


and also me and her went shopping for her birthday gifts before.


now teh day before her birthday: i was extremely stressed because a car i was interested was sold liek 5 mins before i was goin to buy it, so i was moping around because of that and she thought that i "should just get over it". i didn't take lightly to that comment at teh moment and we ended up in a argument and left on each others bad side.


i didn't mean to forget about her birthday but i had so many things on my mind including school (college) and work


but what can i do make everything better? i can't stand to have her mad at me.....


help please

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Keep apologizing and tell her how you feel about her. As for the car, move on. But don't forget about college and work, two very important things right now.

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Hey, we all make mistakes. Keep apologizing, of course. And try to think of something that your girlfriend specifically would like -- not a generic gesture, not necessarily something that you would like yourself, but something that she would enjoy given her interests. Maybe that's a nice dinner, maybe that's a day trip somewhere, or a nice picnic. Whatever suits her. Don't ask her. You come up with an idea and show her how thoughtful you can be when it occurs to you.


One thing to bear in mind: you expected her to be senstive about your feelings about a car you wanted to buy. It was important to you and you got mad because she failed to appreciate that. Then you turned around and committed an even bigger offense along the same line. I'm not trying to suggest you did so on purpose (I'm sure you didn't), just pointing out that although you expect courtesy from her about what's important to you, you've got excuses for why you couldn't remember something that was important to her. Just food for thought.


She'll get over it soon enough I'll bet. In the meantime, keep apologizing.

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Give her a romantic belated birthday


A romantic dinner by candlelight




a birthday cake-with strawberries :)


lots of little presents expressing your love


lots of attention, expressions of love tenderness


devote the entire night to her

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So you were "extremely stressed" because the car you wanted was sold five minutes before you were going to buy it!


You need to get a little control over yourself and a different perspective on life. I promise you, unconditionally guarantee you, that if you go shopping on the Internet or even in and around your town, you will find another vehicle EXACTLY like the one that was sold...or even one you like BETTER...FOR LESS MONEY!!!


Hey, just in case nobody told you, life is filled with joys and disappointments. Failure is what make success taste so good. So you missed the car you wanted. Does that mean you'll never, every like another car as long as you live?


You better learn now that college, job, etc. will always put some stress on you. But if you don't prioritize, the people around you will feel like other things are much more important and they will exit your life. Nobody has an obligation to be around you.


And for your own sake, don't get so shook everytime you don't get something you want. It's really no big deal. Just stay cool and move on. It's not all that hard to do. If you don't get a certain car, it wasn't meant to be!!!


If you don't take just a little time, and it really doesn't take much, to organize your life so the people you love and care about come first, you will find yourself a very lonely college educated executive with nobody around to care one bit if you're dead or alive.


Take some of the suggestions above. They sound pretty good. But please learn from this experience and start putting important things on top of your list. I promise you can fit everything. Show the people around you that you feel they are special and that you truly care about them. Life doesn't last forever...but when you're gone somebody will fill your job overnight.


You may never pass this way again.

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