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I want to try to be creative, I am not a good writter but would like to develop a creative mind and be able to write compelling things. Here is something I wrote, lemme know what you think.


It's funny how we all tend to go out looking for love, we look everywhere for love but yet we can't seem to find it. We depress ourselves over loneliness, thinking there's nobody out there fore us. We can spend days, weeks, months, and even years in extreme cases thinking that love doesn't exist.


Some people tend to try harder to find love while others merely give up thinking their hope of finding love has faded away. I've always been told that there is someone out there for everybody, so how exactly do you find that someone? For years I have felt as though love didn't exist out there, I looked, as a lot of people does, but couldn't find love.


Love is blind, love is something that you can only feel.. so how can we go looking for love? the answer? you don't love comes looking for you. You see, love is a magic not an object, love is a chemistry that develops between two people and is something that just happens. It's not something you're sent out to look for, otherwise you'll never find it.


Most of the people who thought love didn't exist but then fell in love will tell you, love came to them when unexpected and at a time they wasn't actively searching for love. So again, why do we all look for love when we all know that deep down inside that we will never find love, but love finds us?


I myself have fallen into the trap of thinking love didn't exist. I was looking for love, looking for someone to fall in love with but the reality is that's not how love happens, love is blind and always will be.


I also find that many people limit themselves to where they find love. People spends countless hours at bars, clubs, or other hangouts looking for love. But the truth is, love can happen at any given moment at any given place.


Within the past couple of months I have discovered that I am in love, but at the time I wasn't actively searching for it and it just happened. In fact the person I am now in love with isn't someone I met at a bar, club or any other type of hangout place... but simply was someone I have known for years but began getting close in under a year.


My final thought is this, as long as you're looking for love then chances are you will not find it. Love is not meant to be found, love is magic that is to be created by two people who bond together that creates the love.


Love at first is nothing, then slowly the bonding begins and the love strengthens into something words cannot describe. So I encourage those looking for love to look no further, not only will is distress you and depress you, but you won't find it and that'll only add to your loneliness and pain.


Sit back, do what you love doing and enjoy life and when it's time for you to fall in love then it'll happen. Give it time.

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Your writing has definite merit but I disagree with a lot of it on the grounds of generalization.


Not everyone is looking for love because many have found it. And not everyone has difficulty finding it. Most who post here have found love but just have problems adjusting to its challenges.


Looking for love can be a wonderful thing...finding it even more wonderful. People who come from healthy, supportive families seem to find it more easily that those who came from highly dysfunctional environments. Those people need to go through a thorough healing process before they can begin to find real love.


But I think the whole process is great. If everybody could just step out their front door one day, walk down the street, and instantly find love it would have absolutely no value whatsoever. Having to go through a bit of crap and ritual to eventually arrive at that destination seems the perfect way to have it happen.

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