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tony <- thanks

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Hey Tony!


Just wanted to let u know that the guy i'm seeing is out tonight, and i'm studying for my exams, and it doesn't bother me =) i think your answer to my Qn about relnship anxiety around a week ago did this!


Thanks man.


However, I have another Qn... i also mentioned it in that previous post. Whenever this guy contacts me and i ask whats up, he says - nothing, just bored, etc. - sometimes makes me feel like he only gets to contacting me when he's very bored... is this nothing to worry about? im thinking it might be how he answers what's up's in general, who knows ... in any case - any suggestion of what to say to him to pin it down? ie to see whether or not this is smth to worry bout judging by his reaction?


am i over-analyzing as usual??





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YOU ASK: "am i over-analyzing as usual??"


Yes, I think you worry way too much. Some of the greatest people in the world get bored.


Just go with the flow...and give yourself permission to be bored sometimes as well.

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