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Tony : the truth can very cruel, and none of us can telling the truth!!


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The company's demise is just localistation in minature. Orginally this company was attractive to innovators and the smarter end of ...- MANY GENINUE PEOPLE liked it as it was a bit of home . This company is defined by its inhabitants and these inhabitants in turn, define the culture of its. If these newer members continue to bomard this company with their undefinable nonsense, this company will remain nothing more than doodled scrap working. The new members appeared at a time when most of the older members have already stopped working. There was no one around to steer the boat in the right direction. Hence, chaos and dribble.


Their statement is -) "How do old memebers define " high caliber"? by the use of English? Flaming skills? Eloquence? Sense of humor? Unconventionality? The line is hard to draw , is it. It seems to one that those OLD members who managed to climb to the "celeb" status are all relatively fluent in English, fairly smart, can flame quite well, know when to push and when to stop, and sad to say- some of them are really big bullies of this company. It's for sure that they are all uncoventional to a certain extent. Otherwise, they would not be called "celebs" when there are so many thousands of members on this company. However, it seems that no members can climb to the top of that company social ladder. Is it because the old members are too biased, or is it because the new members are really of the lower end of intelligence? One believes that if we get together a group of decent new members and the old celebs, you won't be able to tell the difference of their intelligence so explicity. If this is the case, how come the new members can't shine? Is it because they don't know how to flame, or they are not as fluent in English as the old regulars? This remains a myster to one. One believes that as old members, we are more or less biased"


This statement is really prejudice to new members in this company, I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY (OLD) SO RESIST CRITICISM!!! since people are prone to resist criticism--just a matter of how they handle it.


What the heck is " original"? Do these people hold some thing patent? they were the firt ones on this company but it doesn't belong to them does it?


1. What special privilege or consideration should they be entitled to for being there first?

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