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Re: extramarital affairs

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I know you say you are confused, bu the only thing that can come of this is bad news all round for all those concerned including your husband. Broken hearts never mend in my opinion and the guilt you may well feel for a lifetime to come could be unbearable. I dont mean to sound lecturous but I have been unfaithful to along term boyfriend, he found out and I was never forgiven and I never forgace myself which believe me is far worse. He was my best friend and I lost him forever.


Break it off now and you will feel instantly better and forgive yourself for your sins.

Hy you all. I have a problem and would like some impartial advice. In a nutshell, 6 years ago i became embroiled in an affair with a married man, I am also married. I must say that I am not a promiscous person and the guilt associated with being unfaithful was almost overpowering. We saw each other for 4 years and although in love with one another,decided that for the sake of both our families we should end it. We decided that the emotional fall out from both of us leaving would be more than either of us could bear and we could not countenance the thought of hurting so many people. It was very hard but we kept in touch every few months with a phone call to say hi. After a year we met for a drink and found that the feelings we had for one another were still there. We then did not see each other again for another year. Since that time my husband and I became pregnant and unfortunately lost our baby. Might I add that I do love my husband very much and we have a pretty good relationship although the other man involved does not appear to have the same feelings or type of relationship with his wife. Now it appears after hearing of my baby that he wants me back but I am unsure of the footing on which this rests. I have spoken quite clearly to him about this and have said in no uncertain terms that I am not willing to be his mistress but I also don't know if I can or would leave my husband. I am very confused. Is it just an ownership thing because of the baby? Is it just that he can't see me happy because he is not? Any ideas?


I understand that anyone who answers this may well have been on the receiving end of what I have just described. Please take it from me that it is easy for no-one and certainly not those involved. Helga.

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