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Should I email her or not?

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About 6 months ago I stopped talking to a woman friend of mine. To make a long story short, I had feelings for her and she didn't feel that way about me. But at the same time she was jealous when I dated other people. So, eventually after many months we just stopped talking and no longer hang out together. I still feel really bad about what happenend because she was a friend and then she wasn't.


The thing is my brother and his wife just had a baby and I know my friend would like to know about that. She probably wouldn't find out about the baby without me telling her. There is only a small chance of her knowing through the grapevine. I don't know if I should get in touch with her.


She didn't reply to my email at the end of our heated discussions. At the end of our conversations, I told her I didn't like it when I was the only one making plans for us to get together, and I had to treat her like we were dating. Out of all that, we were just friends and not dating. I told her I didn't see how we could continue to be friends if I was the only one doing all the work.


Part of me is trying to let her go and respect what she wants, but one side of me is hoping we can at least be talking again.


I know this is more of just an excuse for me to contact her again. I don't intend for us to have anything, and certainly not anything romantic. But if we can still talk and just be friends again, I would very much like that.


Do you people think I should email her or not? Would it be wrong not to tell my friend about my brother's baby since she does know my brother and his wife?

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No, don't email her.


And no, it's not wrong if you don't tell her about the baby.


1. She didn't want to go out with you but she got mad when you went out with other girls. That's not something a friend would do.


2. You were the one making all the plans with her, while she sat back and did nothing. That's definitely not


something a friend would do.


Don't mistake what you two had as a true friendship. I'm sure you were hurt when you two cut off contact with each other, and I'm sorry for that, but look at it this way. No sense in dragging it on longer and getting even more hurt by it.


And if she really cared about your friendship or what goes on in your or your brother's life, she would've already contacted you by now.

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