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Girls B-Day

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You know a lot more about her than we do. You should know many of her likes...and dislikes. You should know the sorts of things she needs. You should know what she might enjoy. She may have hinted about liking something to you or she may have admired something in a store.


While I respect you for asking, the fact that you should know your girlfriend so much better than we do and you still need help getting her a gift tells me you are not doing a such a good job of being her boyfriend.


Pay more attention to your girlfriend, ask her questions, and listen to her well. Not only will you know exactly what sort of gifts she will enjoy...but your relationship with her will be far more rich, joyous, and longlasting.


I would never spend $300 on a 21-year-old. Expensive gifts send a signal to young girls that you don't want to send.


Get her something nice, like a bracelet or weekend trip to a nearby theme park, but don't overdo it.

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