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What should I think of this?


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Ok. Here is the siutation.


I have been seeing this girl for about two months...and everything is going well...really well. but just a few days ago she tells me about this special night during a vacation where she made a wish to make this trip different from all the rest. I came true. She said she meet this guy and things just clicked and they both hit it off right away. The words she used was "soul mate" (later she said those were the incorect words to use). Anyways they both apperently decided that/realized that since they lived literally over a thousand miles away from eachother that this new found relationship would stay on that vacation and in that moment.


I didn't know what to say. I don't remember what I said. I do remember what I first thought...who is this wonderfull guy and "soul mate", and it obviously isn't me. #####. I didn't/don't know what to think about this...I keep telling myself that I'm just jumping to conclustions and should calm down.


Your thoughts are welcome...Thanks

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I'd tell this lady to stick it in her ear. Things may be going well for you in this relationship but obviously there are better things out there for her.


She's still on the prowl and she'd do this again.


It's pretty obvious that she told you to give you a major hint. She does NOT consider you her soulmate and she doesn't mind at all hurting you.


What a gal. At least she's honest. If you decide to keep seeing her, don't do it seriously.


I think she's pretty dumb myself. If she had even a slight desire to keep seeing you, she would have kept this little encounter to herself.

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