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Common Used Abbreviations and Acronyms

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Postings often include acronyms used as short-hand by participants. While we discourage the use of acronyms as many visitors are not native speakers of English, many of the following appear throughout the forums:


BF- Boyfriend / Best Friend

BS -Betrayed Spouse

BTW- By The Way

DD- Dear Daughter

DH- Dear Husband

DS- Dear Son

DW- Dear Wife

EA- Emotional Affair

FWB- Friends With Benefits

FWIW- For What It's Worth

GF- Girlfriend

H- Husband

IANAL- I Am Not A Lawyer

IM- Instant Messaging

IME- In My Experience

IM(H)O -In My (Humble) Opinion

LDR- Long-Distance Relationship

LMAO- Laughing My (expletive) Off

LOL- Laughing Out Loud

LTR- Long-Term Relationship

MM- Married Man

MW- Married Woman

OM- Other Man

OMG- Oh My God

ONS- One Night Stand

OP- Original Post(er)

OT- Off-Topic

OTOH -On The Other Hand

OW- Other Woman

PM- Private Message

R- Relationship

SO- Significant Other

STBH/W -Soon To Be Husband/Wife

W -Wife

WTF- What The (expletive)

WYSIWYG- What You See Is What You Get (Commonly used to refer to the advanced text editor)

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