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Young Men's Attitudes to Spiking Drinks


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Two days before Christmas, my male friend went out clubbing in London with his gf. It was the early hours and hed been speaking to a mixed gender group of people he didnt know, dancing, buying drinks, laughing.


He picked up a drink and and had a few sips, when one of the men in the group 'warned' that the drink was spiked with GHB, a date rape drug. The man told my friend he had spiked it for a girl hed been talking too and he didnt want my friend to be affected by the drug because 'I'm a decent bloke'.


My friend told a bouncer who took this man off to the office and called the police. My friend has been making statements etc but now the police have dropped this without taking any action. The reason is that this man had no other drugs on him when searched, and his defence was my friend took a dislike to him, spiked the drink and blamed him to get him in trouble.


What really scared me about this was that this man told my friend expecting him to thank him for the warning and give him a wink and a nudge.


Does that mean that this is that accepted amongst young men in clubs that you can tell a complete stranger you have spiked a girls drink and not expect any come back? The girl had most likely taken drugs of her own, shed possibly never have realised she was given something to make her compliant. Noone would have been any the wiser. Are young men starting to believe that this is fair game? I know that no decent human being would feel that, but a lot of people arent decent, when its 'accepted' its easy to manipulate people into thinking its just 'fast tracking' and 'gentle persuasion'


Theres a UK teen soap with a similar storyline at the mo, an easily maniuplated young lad has been persuaded that this behaviour is acceptable. Have they picked up on a trend?

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