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Why do people do this?


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@GNRFan Given that this has happened with both women you've met, I can't help but wonder if you've stumbled across a subculture with it's own rules on what is acceptable.   Thing is, I can't imagine a woman getting to the point of reading ads on a hookup site because the average woman really doesn't need to.  So many get inundated with offers of casual sex through actual OLD that if this is what they want, they'd be spoiled for choice.    Which means that the women who do look at those ads are looking for over and above what the average woman wants.  Perhaps a different man every night, and the guys who are into this aren't bothered by hearing the stories or share their stories too.

If it is the case that the social rules are different, it's not that the women's behaviour is wrong, but rather, it's not the type of thing which would suit you.


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It's a turn-off to him. Bottom line.

And yes, are these hook-up dating apps? That would obviously make more sense if it were and the women are talking openly about their casual encounters. Could be a way to open the conversation in terms of safe sex practices. Who knows?

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13 minutes ago, Sony12 said:

Probably a good chunk of the women on Adult Friend Finder are trying to sell their services.

Well I don't know as I've never used such sites, but I imagine that goes for most if not all hook-up only sites. You see the occasional lady of the night even on Tinder.

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21 hours ago, GNRFan said:

My masculinity is just fine. Talking about banging other dudes is in fact emasculating behavior. 

<Omitted response.>  I see this has been addressed by others, no reason to go on about it. What I get for not reading through responses before posting...

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