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Stressed about potentially being fired.

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I am worried about being fired, and its causing my sleepless nights and making me feel sick. It could be my anxiety however I am not sure. Back in January, I got a raise and some very high praise from my boss. She told me my work has always been impeccable and they are so lucky to have me.

I work in Marketing in both B2B AND B2C. Tbh I am the only one in the company who can do all that. I work pretty hard and have always gone above and beyond.

However, now it seems they are looking to use an external marketing company to help with the brand expansion. We are expanding globally. I look after 4 websites, marketing, merchandising etc. My boss also asked me to train in one of the girls in one of our other businesses on how to load products onto the website.

We are attending a conference next week and my boss has said she is taking me to dinner after and I am worried I will be fired over it. I think I might be over thinking, especially given they gave me a raise without me asking as a reword for my hard work. My boss also has discussed the expansion plans for a few months down the line, along with other things future projects that I would need to know about and I also have meetings my boss scheduled for after the meeting too with clients etc about business growth and so. Part of my is thinks they wouldn't give me a raise and then tell me about future projects if they where planning on letting me go but another part of me is worried.

I do know one of my other managers is pregnant and due to go on maternity leave over the summer, I deal with her a lot and do help her with her work too. So my other thinking is they might want me to take on part of her role while she is on maternity leave and that's why they are looking at an external company to help with the marketing as my role might change slightly. I am just a bit nervous and curious if anyone has any advice. Would a company give you a raise right before they fired you? Also I should mention any target I have been given I have always hit it and then some, I do go above and beyond at times and that's because I like what I do so I know my work isn't bad.

I do sometimes suffer with anxiety and over think at times and I am not sure if this is one of those times. Do you think I am over analysing?

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You got a raise & praise.  They are expanding.  It sounds like they are getting you help not firing you.   

Yes I think you are over analyzing things. 

At the time they gave you a raise they knew about the expansion.  if you were going to be fired it would have been then.  

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