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My job is making me miserable, should I quit?

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I work as a preschool aide and started in the fall so I've been there for the whole school year so far. It started with the teacher and two of us aides. After the first 2 months the other aide quit. We were pretty close and related to each other a lot with the job. The teacher is a bully and was always nit picking about every little thing. The aide couldn't take it anymore so she quit, rightfully so! Ever since she left I feel like the teacher has been trying to put the teacher role onto me. The kids like me better because she's so rude sometimes. Also she has me take the kids out for recess every day, get snack ready, do story time, get them ready for nap, and even teach the lesson once in a while! All while she sits at her desk. It makes me furious because I'm just supposed to be an aide. I thought that meant organizing things, doing little tasks, & paperwork but I was wrong. She keeps her eye on me all day waiting for me to do something wrong and then comes at me complaining. A few times she's called off and left me in charge of the class the whole day. I followed the lesson plan she left and during free time printed out coloring pages for the kids. The next day she pulled me aside and told me she found out I had printed coloring pages and that it's not educational and she told me that before, months ago. So since I did that she told me she was going to write me up. Later her and I were doing worksheets with the kids and one of them asked if they could have a sticker. She didn't answer. I had the stickers right in front of me so I put one on the kids worksheet. She pulled me aside again and said "this is the kind of behavior I'm talking about. I'm the teacher and I will be the one to give them stickers!!" I was so confused... Because at the time my father was dying and she still kept nit picking at me. I only work part time but i have 3 kids of my own and I really don't want to even be working. I need to be home with my 2 yr old. I'm out here spending more time with these preschoolers at work when I could be at home with my own child. Everyone I know is shocked I haven't quit yet. Also last week I had to call off on a Monday. I let her know my babysitter was sick and I wouldn't be at work, she said ok. The next day I had to call off again because of another situation with my dad. I told her I wouldn't be at work again that day. When I came back the next day she looked at me all surprised saying "what are you doing here? I didn't think you were coming back?!" I said what do you mean and she said she thought I quit... I don't know how she came up with that but I told her no I didn't quit... And she was like "ok well just so you know you have to put in a two weeks notice if you quit" and I'm like um ok I know that...I wasn't quitting. She is very difficult to work with and I feel like I'm being taken advantage of. I'm being overworked and under paid. I am ready to quit. There's only 2 months left of the school yr but I can't last, I'm going through a lot right now. Do I really have to put in a two weeks notice? I don't even want to go back!

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No you don't have to put in a 2 weeks notice, but it might be a good idea if you are planning to use them for a reference.

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IMO it's a better idea to have another job lined up before you quit the 1st one.  Two weeks notice is fairly standard; it gives the employer time to replace you.   If you don't give 2 weeks notice the employer may tell future employers that you violated the standard.  That will make you a less attractive candidate. 

So put out your resumes & give 2 weeks before you actually walk out the door.  Doing the right thing is the best course of action.   Take the high road.  Do it for the kids.  They don't need the turmoil of your sudden disappearance.  With two weeks notice you can say good bye & make the transition  easier for them.  

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I'm writing as a former primary school aide.  There is a lot of interaction with children, and sometimes I'd work with a small group of kids who needed extra support, but at no time was I ever permitted to be in a lead role or without supervision.  Is this teacher the head of the preschool?  I'm wondering if there is anyone above her who you can take your complaint to

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